VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. This telephone solution uses computer based/internet technology to transmit telephone calls while behaving similarly to traditional telephone systems. Many VOIP solutions are based off site. There are also VOIP systems including Cisco, Avaya, Toshiba and Shoretel that reside in your facility. Either way, Medical on Hold can provide the appropriate telephony files to make custom message on hold programs and professional greetings simple.

There are a few quick questions to help us maximize the effectiveness of your program and make it simple to implement. These questions can be posed to your VOIP provider, system provider, or your IT department.

  1. What type of sound file do you need? (MP3, ulaw wav, and 8 k 16 bit mono wav are the most popular file formats.)
  2. Does the on hold program start from the beginning? If the answer is yes, we will structure the program and provide multiple versions that you can swap out on occasion to insure variety for your callers.**
  3. How do we program new message on hold programs? In some cases you will email the file to your provider. Or, you may have the ability to log in and change it yourself. Either way works well.
  4. Can we have professionally recorded Auto Attendant and Voicemail greetings? The answer is probably yes. Professionally recorded greetings will help improve you image on every call and provide a consistent professional image to every caller. We can also help craft the content of your greetings to insure a clear friendly message that gets callers the information they need with a pleasant and professional delivery. Let us help!

**Certain on-site VOIP solutions also accept an external on hold device. This can be a better solution preventing your program from starting at the beginning each time. Plus, we have network load equipment that allows us to change the programs for you automatically.

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